National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Champions Database

One of the most popular attractions in the Paul K. Scott Museum of Wrestling History in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame is the kiosk where visitors can look up past NCAA champions.

We are also able to provide this information online so that those who are unable to visit the museum in Stillwater can still see the accomplishments of some of our greatest wrestlers.

The information would not have been possible without Jay HammondNCAA-Logo, the official historian for the NWHOF who graciously provided his database prior to his death in 2013, and Jamie Moffatt, who has updated the database since.

If you have a correction to the information presented on the website, please email with your request. We require that you provide documentation in the form of a team or league publication, or a newspaper article that provides direct proof. If you have a reference from a web page, you may include the URL.

We encourage communication when information is said to be incorrect or missing, and we will research the discrepancies to the best of our ability.

Information will not be changed until it has been confirmed.