National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Governor’s Associates

The Governor’s Associates program was established in 1999 to provide a permanent organization of loyal, long-term supporters of the sport of wrestling. The Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame recognizes such outstanding and dedicated individuals as Governor Associates, who provide advice and counsel to the Board of Governors and assist the Board in achieving its goals and objectives for the benefit of wrestling.

According to the Hall of Fame’s bylaws, Governors Associates:

  1. Bestow a high level of recognition by the Hall of Fame.
  2. Would be an advisory body to the Hall of Fame Board of Governors.
  3. Would be an advisory body to the Hall of Fame Foundation.
  4. Would provide a ready pool of prospects that Board of Governors could be selected from.
  5. To assist the Hall of Fame in pursuing its goals and objectives.

Robert Bowlsby
Bill Brown
Jack Brown
George Chiga
H. Ed Cobb
Bob Dellinger
Stan Dziedzic
Allen Fasnacht
John Graham
Paul McDaniel
Kay Renneisen
Wayne Renneisen
Myron Roderick
Art Rutzen
Norma Small
Richard Small
Dennis Smith
John T. Vaughan
Stan Zeamer

Pennsylvania State Chapter Board of Directors
John Harrell
William Jernigan
Vince Zuaro

Governor’s Associates
Joseph Allen
Calvin Anthony
Dave Barry
Fred Boettcher
Ernest Bono
Jed Brown
Mark Churella, Sr.
John Harmon
Tim Johnson
Jim Keen Sr.
Dr. Sean Kelley
William Lam
Jeff Levitetz
Dave Martin
Christopher McGowan
Arno Niemand
Jim Ravannack
Alan Rice
Nancy Schultz Vitangeli
Rusty Shaw
Steve Silver
Gary Smith
Marty Strayer
Helen Vaughan
Bob Winkler