Fred Richardson

Fred Richardson began wrestling in high school and continued while in the armed forces stationed in Germany. He learned the art of officiating from Dr. Ray Sparks while in the military. He began officiating high school matches in 1966 on American bases throughout Europe.

Upon returning to the U.S. in 1967, he continued to referee and coach wrestling to boys six to fourteen years of age. After 14 years of dual responsibilities, he discontinued his coaching duties and focused solely on officiating.

During his 35 years of officiating experience; Richardson has worked 15 NCAA Division I championships, 20 EIWA championships, several NCAA Division II championships and eight Pennsylvania high school state tournaments. He has been extensively recognized for his proficiency and integrity on the mat. Maybe the highest compliment made about a referee has been made about Richardson, "when he works a match you rarely know he's there".

  • 35 Years of Officiating Experience
  • Officiated 15 NCAA Division I Championships
  • Only Official to work every Virginia Duals since inception in 1980


Meritorious Official

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