National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Calls for Class of 2020 Nominations

The National Wrestling Hall of Fame announced that it is accepting nominations for the Class of 2020, which will be inducted during the annual Honors Weekend on June 5 and 6, 2020, in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Nominations are being accepted for Distinguished Member, Meritorious Official, Order of Merit, Outstanding American and Medal of Courage. Distinguished Member and Meritorious Official nominations are due Aug. 15 while Order of Merit, Outstanding American and Medal of Courage are due Sept. 1. Nomination forms are available by Clicking Here.

Distinguished Members can be a wrestler who has achieved extraordinary success in national and/or international competition; a coach who has demonstrated great leadership in the profession and who has compiled an outstanding record; or a contributor whose long-term activities have substantially enhanced the development and advancement of the sport. Nominees who are 60 years and older are screened by the Veterans Committee. The Distinguished Member Screening Committee will pare the list to at least 12 nominees for the final ballot. Comprised of past honorees and individuals knowledgeable about the sport, the Distinguished Member Selection Committee and the Veterans Committee rank nominees in order of preference. Ballots are submitted to the Hall of Fame and sent to the Honorary Chair to be verified by a certified accounting firm. The confirmed selection of inductees is then returned to the Hall of Fame.

The Outstanding American award recognizes individuals who have used the disciplines of the sport to launch notable careers after concluding their wrestling career. Past recipients have included individuals who have excelled in science, technology, business, industry, government, military, and arts and humanities. The Hall of Fame Executive Committee prioritizes and submits a list of nominees in rank order to the Hall of Fame Executive Director, who contacts nominees in order until one confirms acceptance of award.

The Medal of Courage recipient is a wrestler or former wrestler who has overcome what appear to be insurmountable challenges, providing inspiration to others. Nominations are screened by the Hall of Fame Executive Committee and placed on a ballot that is voted on by the Board of Governors.

The Order of Merit is presented to an individual that has made a significant contribution to the sport of wrestling, other than success as an athlete or coach. Nominations are submitted by Distinguished Members and placed on a ballot. Distinguished Members voting ballots are submitted to the Hall of Fame for tabulation.

The Meritorious Official award recognizes outstanding service as a referee, judge or pairing official. Nominations are screened, placed on a ballot and voted on by the Meritorious Official Selection Committee, which is a combination of honorees and individuals knowledgeable about the sport. Ballots are returned to the Hall of Fame for tabulation.