National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Inductee: Ghulam Muhammad

Born in 1882 in Armistar, British India, Ghulam Muhammad became known as the Great Gama for his incredible wrestling successes. He won the championship of India in 1901 at the age of 19, and reportedly was undefeated his entire career, wrestling in over 5,000 matches.

Standing 5-7 and weighing around 250 at his peak, Gama was known for his incredible endurance routines, including Hindu squats and pushups. He could work out for hours at a time.

Though Gama seldom left his native land, on the occasions that he did he was very successful. He beat many of the top wrestlers from the Western world, usually in a matter of minutes. Only Stanislaus Zbyszko was able to hold him at bay, securing a draw after two hours of ground wrestling, with Gama in control the entire match but unable to score the pin. In a rematch, Gama scored a fast victory.

Nat Fleischher, one of the top sportswriters of the early 20th century, ranked Gama as the third greatest wrestler of all time.

His reputation was such that he could seldom get matches in the latter years of his career. Gama died in Pakistan in 1960, at the age of 78.