National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Inductee: Billy Robinson

Billy Robinson began his amateur career in his native England . He was national champion in 1957, and in 1958 was European Open Champion in the light heavyweight class, beating an Olympic bronze medal winner in the finals.

Robinson also trained at the legendary Billy Riley School in Wigan , known as “The Snake Pit.” It was a school where submission wrestling was taught and only the toughest wrestlers survived. Robinson trained there for nearly eight years, working out with some of the toughest submission wrestlers of that era.

He came to America in 1970 and became a superstar with the AWA. He won nearly every major title available, earning a reputation as one of the most highly skilled and rugged matmen of the 20th century.

He also starred with Verne Gagne (and television star Ed Asner of “Lou Grant” fame) in the 1973 movie “The Wrestler.”