National Wrestling Hall of Fame

The honorees at the 2017 NWHOF Upstate New York ceremony.


The future of American society depends upon the existence of a strong citizenry, comprised of individuals with leadership qualities based upon self-discipline, self-reliance, and self-confidence. The sport of wrestling helps build these characteristics in youth, regardless of their physical, economic, cultural, or geographic backgrounds. The National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum seeks to broaden the understanding and development of these values in the following manner:
  1. Through recognition of those who have demonstrated these characteristics while achieving or developing excellence in the sport as wrestlers, coaches, and contributors.
  2. Through recognition of those who have demonstrated these characteristics while achieving excellence in other walks of life after participating in wrestling.
  3. Through the maintenance of documentation and memorabilia that depicts and preserves the history of the sport.
  4. Through stimulation and encouragement of those who establish and conduct activities at all levels nationwide.
  5. Through the development of State Chapters that will continuously strive to enhance the image of the sport of wrestling at the state and national levels.


Lifetime Service To Wrestling

Given in recognition of years of dedication to the development of leadership and citizenship in the youth through the sport of wrestling.

Outstanding American

Given to former wrestlers who are highly successful and use the disciplines learned in wrestling in their profession.

Medal of Courage

Is presented to a wrestler or former wrestler who has overcome what appear to be insurmountable challenges.

Upstate NY Chapter Nomination Forms:

Lifetime Service Nomination Form

Outstanding American Nomination Form

Medal of Courage Nomination Form

Volunteer Nomination Form

Stanbro Media Nomination Form

Upstate New York Board of Directors

Carl Koenig, President
Jack Stanbro, Vice President
Fred Brown, Don DeBadts, Stan Elinsky, Pat Greene, Pete Hausrath, Reed Hawke, Tim Herman, Jim Howard, Eric Knuutila, Don Kovalchik, Cark Koenig, John Kopalek, Jack LaBombard, Frank Marotta, Fred Marcello, Thomas Martin, Ed Michael, Jack Stanbro, Bob Zifchock

2017 Banquet and Induction Ceremony


The 2017 Upstate New York Hall of Fame Celebration will be held on September 17th at the Double Tree Hotel in East Syracuse. The honorees are:

  • Wayne Carroll – Section IX Official
  • Steve Fischbein – Monroe-Woodbury HS
  • Robert Gately – Section V – LeRoy HS
  • Rick Gumble – Section IV – Chenango Forks HS
  • William Kays – Section III – Mexico Central School
  • Brad Penrith – Iowa University.
  • Murry Dimon – Medal of Courage Award
  • Charles Palmer – Outstanding American Award
  • Stefan (Steve) Banach – Outstanding American Award
  • Robert Koshinski – Stanbro Media Award
  • Carson (Cork) Armstrong – Volunteer Award