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  • Bill Smith

    Back of Card: Olympic Champion Bill was the master of the whizzer and was undefeated in college, winning 2 NCAA titles for Iowa State Teacher’s College. He won the gold medal at the 1952 Helsinki Games at 160.5 pds. Bill … Continue reading

  • Dan Gable ~ ’72 Munich

    Back of card: Munich, Aug. 31, 1972 – Dan Gable, probably the most dedicated athlete in the world, today defeated Russia’s Ashuraliev, 8-0, to win the lightweight wrestling gold medal. Gable, who has only been beaten once in his career, … Continue reading

  • Dan Gable ~ Fusion

    Back of card: Gable has been at the very forefront of the sport of wrestling as a hugely successful collegiate wrestler, Olympic medalist and college coach. During his prep and college careers, he compiled an amazing record of 118-1, won … Continue reading

  • Dan Gable ~ Upper Deck

    Back of card: The feature attraction at the wrestling venue in Munich, Dan Gable went to Germany with the pressure of being the gold medal favorite in the 68 kg (150 lb.) class. The 1971 World Champion and winner of … Continue reading

  • Dan Gable/Marv Cook ~ The Idols

    Back of card: Marv idolizes Iowa wrestling coach Dan Gable because “he has always been the best in whatever he’s done. Having gone to Iowa, I was able to get a close look at his work habits, and I really … Continue reading

  • Frank Gotch

    Back of card: World Champion Gotch is generally considered the greatest professional wrestler of all time, and one of the reasons wrestling is popular in Iowa. He was the undisputed heavyweight champion from 1908 through 1913. At his peak, he … Continue reading

  • Glen Brand

    Back of card: OLYMPIC CHAMPION Glen won his NCAA title in 1948 and placed 2nd in 1947 while wrestling for Iowa State. Although he was not considered the favorite, Glen scored 4 wins to earn a gold medal in the … Continue reading

  • Heroes of Wrestling II (36 card set)

    Price per unit (piece): $5 Heroes of Wrestling II (36 card set) Ben Askern, Dremiel Byers, Mitch Clark, Joe Dubuque, Zach Esposito, Nate Gallick, Rulon Gardner, Eric Guerrero, Damion Hahn, Tim Hartung, Joe Heskett, Mark Ironside, Greg Jones, Cole Konrad, … Continue reading

  • Iron Sheik

    Back of card: A legendary figure in professional wrestling during the ’80s – Mostly as a bad guy or “heel” – the Iron Sheik defeated longtime champ Bob Backland in ’83 for the WWF World Crown. @the_ironsheik & “Foreign Legion” … Continue reading

  • John Smith

    Back of card: Cowboy Career Arguably the greatest amateur wrestler in the history of the sport, collegiality and internationally, John Smith is the first American to win four world level titles. Smith won the 1987, 1989, and 1990 Freestyle World … Continue reading