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Takedowns by the Numbers – Mills

In a first of its kind video series…over 20 takedowns and set-ups are presented in a systematic step-by-step approach.  Coaches, parents, and most importantly YOUTH wrestlers will be able to quickly learn each technique.

BONUS:  Each video comes with a technique manual and advice on how to become a champion wrestler.

NCWA two time National Coach of the Year Dave Mills breaks down each move using numbered steps that are highlighted in text on the screen…making each move as easy to learn as 1,2,3!!

Parents, if you have never wrestled a day in your life, you can now help your wrestler achieve success one step at a time.

1.   Step of the Champions

2.   Takedown Set-ups

3.   Getting into the Underhook

4.   Freight Train Double Leg

5.   Knee pick from Underhook

6.   Hand Fighting Drill

7.   Hand Fighting Game

8.   6 Ways to Move in Wrestling

9.   Level Changes

10. Level Change Penetration Drill

11. Duck Under

12. High Crotch Turk Finish

13. Knee Pull Single

14. Sweep Single Leg

15. Single Leg Tree Top Finish

16. Single Leg Off Mat Pipe Finish

17. Single Leg Pry

18. Single Leg off Mat

19. Single Leg off Mat Double Off

20. Walk Around Finish

21. Sweep Single with Shelf Finish

22. Cut Double

23. Snap Down from Underhook

24. Snap Down from Cross Arm

25. Snap Down Straight Snap

26. Snap Down Backhand around Finish

27. Front Headlock Cradle Finish

28. Front Headlock Shuck Finish

29. Fireman’s Carry

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