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Pinning by the Numbers – Mills

In a first of its kind video series….over 20 pinning holds are presented in a systematic step-by-step approach.  Coaches, parents, and most importantly YOUTH wrestlers will be able to quickly learn each technique.

BONUS: Each video comes with a technique manual and advice on how to become a champion wrestler.

NCWA two time National Coach of the Year Dave Mills breaks down each move using numbered steps that are highlighted in text on the screen…making each move as easy to learn as 1,2,3!!

Parents, if you have never wrestled a day in your life, you can now help your wrestler achieve success one step at a time

1. Half Nelson

2. Half Nelson – Man Tries to Peel

3. Capturing the Hammerlock

4. Hammerlock Thread the Needle

5. Hammerlock Half Nelson

6. Hammerlock Switch Sides Half Nelson

7. Pick-n-Step Turk Finish

8. Double Pry Breakdown to Power Half

9. Chicken Wing with Arm Bar

10. High Leg over from Chicken Wing

11. Near Side Cradle

12. Crossface Cradle from Base

13. Bundle from Base Position

14. Bundle from Flat Position

15. Crossover to Tilt Position

16. Cowtail Tilt

17. Cowtail Tilt Half Nelson Finish

18. Singleton

19. Wizzer Bear Hug

20. Wizzer Pry Finish

21. Head Lever

22. Defending the Half Nelson

23. Defending the Wizzer with Half Nelson

24. Defending the Head Lever

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