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Advanced Youth Wrestling – Pinning – Mills/McFarland

Advanced Youth Pinning! University of Michigan Head Coach Joe McFarland and 2x National Coach of the Year Dave Mills team up to teach your wrestlers how to transition from breakdowns to rides to pinning moves.  This video will show you how to dominate your opponent on the mat.

Advanced Youth Wrestling Moves – Pinning:

  1. Creating Pressure of the whislte
  2. Attacking near arm
  3. Attacking laces
  4. Controlling inside position
  5. Creating angles of attack
  6. Spiral break down, cup shoulder
  7. Spiral break down, claw, rotate
  8. Blanket ride
  9. Saddle ride
  10. Half nelson, chop near arm, cross wrist ride
  11. Half nelson, spiral, far arm bar
  12. Near side cradle, chop to 2-on-1
  13. Cradle pocket finish-off blanket ride
  14. Cross face cradle, off a spiral ride
  15. Turk, switch sides, cross wrist
  16. 2-on-1 opposite side tilt
  17. Mills half, from saddle ride
  18. Arm turk-when opponent is on hip
  19. Ball-n-chain half, from spiral-claw
  20. Ball-n-chain tilt, spiral-cup shoulder
  21. Ball-n-chain over the top
  22. Navy ride, deep waist, far ankle, 1/2
  23. Thread the needle, from spiral-cup shoulder
  24. Northern post, from spiral-cup shoulder
  25. Hammer lock tilt, spiral-claw
  26. Single leg-in, crossface
  27. Single leg-in, crossface cradle
  28. Chicken Wing, chop breakdown
  29. Defending wings
  30. Defending 1/2 nelson
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