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Live Pinning Situations by Dave Mills

Wrestlers love to be challenged in live situations. Coach Mills will instruct you on how to finish over 20 pinning positions and he will also show you how to fight to get out of tough holds.

Wrestlers love going live in practice!  Live Pinning Situations will show wrestlers how to score and keep from getting scored on in over 20 tough situations.

If you want to become a pinning machine, this video is a must in your arsenal!

Live Situations: PINNING

  1. Half Nelson – Arm Bar
  2. Half Nelson – Knees
  3. Ball and Chain Half Nelson
  4. Chicken Wing – Arm Bar
  5. Chicken Wing – Cup Shoulder
  6. Chicken Wing – Tight Waist
  7. Double Chicken Wing
  8. Head Lever
  9. Hammer Lock – Thread the Needle
  10. Hammer Lock – Northern Post
  11. Hammer Lock – Half Nelson
  12. Navy Ride
  13. Arm Turk – Cradle
  14. Crossface Cradle Flat
  15. Crossface Cradle Base (Cunningham)
  16. Inside Cradle
  17. Overhead Cradle
  18. 2-on-1 Tilt
  19. McNamara Tilt
  20. Turk
  21. Pick-n-step Leg Turked
  22. Churella Tilt
  23. Churella Reverse Tilt
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