National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Ed Ruth – Riding and Pinning

Ed Ruth, Penn States first and only 3 time NCAA Champion shows his favorite breakdowns, rides, and turns he used to score big points and dominate his opponents! Featured in this Pinning video is Ed awesome cradle series!

  • Approaching your opponent
  • Breakdowns
  • Riding
  • Riding drill
  • Roll through 2 on 1 tilt
  • Ruth ride
  • Crossface cradle
  • Crossface cardle – from base
  • Cradle variation (show a couple more times)
  • Ruth cradle
  • Grip and how to lock on cradle
  • Easton tilt
  • Near wrist tilt
  • Tilt to cradle (show again/slow motion)
  • Chain wrestling
  • Arm bar to half
  • Half Nelson defense
  • Ruth tips on grip strength

– Peeking your body and the importance of rest

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