National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Autographed Logan Stieber – Tilts


Logan Stieber 4X State Champion, 4X National Champion &
Dan Hodge Trophy Winner (303-4 HS & College record) shows you
techniques he uses to dominate his opponents on top with tilts.
Logan shows many tilts, including, tight waist, deep half, and
near wrist.

  • Tight Waist, Near Wrist Tilt
  • Cross Wrist Roll Through Tilt
  • Deep Half, Tight Waist Tilt
  • Deep Half, Crab Ride Tilt
  • Near Wrist, Deep Claw Tilt
  • Short Leg, Far Arm Hook Roll Through
  • Tilt to Short Leg and Arm Bar Combination
  • Cross Wrist, Near Side Tilt
  • Tilt to Tilt Combination
  • Cross Wrist, Roll Through Tilt from the Feet
  • Tilt Defense Tips
  • Keys to Finishing Turns

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