National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Autographed Lee Kemp – Pinning


Lee Kemp is one of the best American wrestlers ever! Kemp is
a 3X National Champion, 3X World Champion, and was a member of the
US Olympic team. In this DVD, Lee will show you how to pin even the
toughest opponents!! If you want to Pin more this season, this one is a
must have!

  • Starting Position
  • Far Ankle, Far Wrist Breakdown
  • High Leg Ride
  • Lee Kemp Power Half Stack
  • The Pulverizer
  • Near-Side Cradle
  • Cross Wrist, Power Half Stack
  • Cross Wrist, Tilt
  • Cross Wrist, Chin Pull Tilt
  • Cross Wrist, Butcher
  • Mat Return
  • Near Wrist, Turkey Bar
  • Arm Bar, Stack
  • Arm Bar, Seat Belt
  • Arm Bar, Power Bar Finish
  • Strength Drills

Order Autographed Lee Kemp - Pinning Autographed Lee Kemp - Pinning @ $17.00