National Wrestling Hall of Fame


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  • John PetersonJohn_Peterson__4acf6f983eb33

    Price per Unit (piece): $5.00 John Peterson

  • Leg Up PrintLeg Up

    “To achieve success, you must stay a leg up on your competition.” Size: 11×14

  • One Raised ArmArmRaised

    (sound mind) x (sound body) + two pinned shoulders = ONE RAISED ARM

  • Opportunity PrintOpportunity (Wrestling)

    “Sometimes you have a narrow window of opportunity to achieve success. It is up to you to take a shot when it presents itself.” Size: 11×14

  • Pressure PrintPressure

    “The only time you let your opponent off the hook is when you hear the slap of the mat.” Size: 11×14

  • The Incredible HouckThe_Incredible_H_4acf593b9a950

    Price per Unit (piece): $5.00 World Champion Greco-Roman Wrestling 1985

  • The Sport of LincolnLincoln Print constant contact

    In the summer of 1831, a young Abe Lincoln and a local toughie named Jack Armstrong engaged in a long wrestling match in the tiny town of New Salem, Illinois. Though no one knows for certain what happened, the match … Continue reading

  • Train Like a MadmanTrain_Like_a_Mad_4ace0e5422cc6

    Price per Unit (piece): $10.00 Train Like a Madman

  • Train Like a Madman – Part IITrain_Like_a_Mad_4ace11cf2087b

    Price per unit (piece): $10.00 Train Like a Madman – Part II

  • UNI’s NCAA Wrestling ChampionsUNI_s_NCAA_Wrest_4acf701ebf048

    Price per unit (piece): $5.00 UNI’s NCAA Wrestling Champions