National Wrestling Hall of Fame


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  • All-Time College Wrestling Team

    Price per Unit (piece): $5.00 All-Time College Wrestling Team

  • Ben Peterson

    Price per Unit (piece): $5.00 Ben Peterson

  • Bill Smith

    Price per Unit (piece): $5.00 Bill Smith

  • Competition Print

    “To stay on top of the competition, you must constantly apply pressure and twist a few arms along the way.” Size: 11×14

  • Confrontation Print

    Price per Unit (piece): $10.00 Confrontation Print “Stand up for what you believe, never back down” Size: 11×14

  • Courage Print

    “Have the courage to face your challenges head on.” Size: 11×14

  • Dan Gable – Asics

    Price per Unit (piece): $10.00 Dan Gable – Asics “Once You’ve Wrestled Everything Else in Life is Easy”

  • Dan Gable Collection

    Price per Unit (piece): $5.00 The Dan Gable Collection

  • Determination

    Price per unit (piece): $10.00 Determination – Metcalf/Brands “It is the size of one’s will which determines success.” Size: 14×11

  • Dominate Print

    “Wrestling is a selfish sport, give them nothing – Dominate.” ~ Mark Ironside Size: 11×14