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Glory Beyond the Sport

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Glory Beyond the Sport; Wrestling and the Military

by Roger Moore

100 pages

The relationship between the Armed Forces and the sport of wrestling dates back thousands of years. From the early days of mankind to the modern soldier, wrestling, also known as combative arms by the military, has been a big part of battle and modern-day training.

Many of the stories on these pages detail those who have helped shape our country. From President Theodore Roosevelt, who helped bring wrestling to the military academies; to David “Buddy” Arndt, who won NCAA championships before and after World War II; to Major General Kenneth C. Leuer, the father of the modern Rangers; to Doug Zembiec, the “Lion of Fallujah,” this book details how wrestling has influenced and helped build many of our soldiers and sailors.

The National Wrestling Hall of Fame & Museum’s group of Distinguished Members includes 54 who have wrestled and served their country. Eleven of its Outstanding Americans spent significant time on a wrestling mat.

This book is dedicated to all those wrestlers who have served their country.

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