Eight Sites, Dates Set for 2025 NCWWC Regionals, Qualifiers for National Championship for NCAA Women Wrestlers

The Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Coalition (WCWC), a group of national wrestling organizations which oversee NCAA women’s college wrestling, has announced the sites and dates for the eight Regional competitions which will serve as qualifiers for the National Collegiate Women’s Wrestling Championships (NCWWC), set for Xtream Arena in Coralville, Iowa, March 7-8, 2025. 

During its meeting on May 23, the NCWWC Executive Committee reviewed bids from 21 NCAA institutions seeking to host a regional. The Executive Committee extended invitations to an institution in each of the eight NCWWC Regions, and all accepted their appointment. 

The venue, host institution and competition date for the 2025 NCWWC Regionals are:

Region I – Buffalo State University Arena, Buffalo State University, Buffalo, New York, Saturday, February 22

Region II – Koehler Fieldhouse, East Stroudsburg University, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, Sunday, February 23

Region III – Shaw Athletic Center, Emmanuel University, Franklin Springs, Georgia, Saturday, February 22

Region IV – Heminger Center, Tiffin University, Tiffin, Ohio, Saturday, February 22

Region V – Merillat Sport and Fitness Center, Adrian College, Adrian, Michigan, Saturday, February 22

Region VI – Hyland Arena, Lindenwood University, St. Charles, Missouri, Sunday, February 23

Region VII – Cowles Fieldhouse, Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa, Saturday, February 22

Region VIII – Kitty Magee Arena, Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas, Saturday, February 22

In April, the NCWWC Executive Committee approved increasing the number of regions from six in 2023-24 to eight for the 2024-25 NCAA women’s wrestling season. With four athletes per weight class qualifying through each of the Regionals, the field for 2025 NCWWC in Coralville will expand to 320 athletes, up from 240 this past season.

 NCAA women’s wrestling programs and the Regional assignments


Women’s Wrestling is an NCAA Emerging Sport for Women at all three NCAA Divisions. When NCAA women’s wrestling met required standards in terms of number of programs, roster size and competition schedules of its institutions, along with other considerations, the NCAA Committee on Women's Athletics (CWA) recommended in February 2024 that Divisions I, II and III sponsor legislation to add a national collegiate women's wrestling championship. If so approved, women’s wrestling would become the 91st NCAA Championship sport, with its projected first NCAA championship occurring in winter 2026.

About the Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Coalition (WCWC)
The Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Coalition is a group of national wrestling organizations which developed the proposal for NCAA Emerging Sport Status for women’s wrestling and currently oversees women’s college wrestling until the sport becomes an official NCAA Championship sport. WCWC organizations include (alphabetically): D1 Women’s Wrestling, National Wrestling Coaches Association, National Wrestling Hall of Fame, USA Wrestling, Wrestle Like A Girl and the Wrestlers In Business Network. For more information, visit: https://thewcwc.com/

About the National Collegiate Women’s Wrestling Championships (NCWWC)
Organized by the Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Coalition, the National Collegiate Women’s Wrestling Championships is the annual national championships for NCAA women’s wrestling programs. Created in 2020, the NCWWC has been held in Adrian, Mich. (2020, 2022), Tiffin, Ohio (2021) and Cedar Rapids, Iowa (2023, 2024). The 2025 NCWWC is set for Xtream Arena in Coralville, Iowa, March 7-8, 2025. Wrestle Like A Girl has been empowered by the WCWC to manage the National Collegiate Women’s Wrestling Championships, working closely with the NCWWC Championship Committee. For more information, visit https://www.ncwwc.com/

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