Distinguished Member Andy Rein “Powers Beyond” to Raise Money for Endowment Campaign

Distinguished Members inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame possess a number of special traits, including the love of a big challenge and the grit to achieve it. They’re wired to expend great effort over time to reach new heights.

Andy Rein, who was inducted in 2022, is no exception. An Olympic silver medalist at 26 years old in 1984, his maxim 40 years later is “my best 30 years are ahead of me!”.

The 66-year-old is retiring after 25 years working for SKF USA, but he won’t be taking it easy. After attending the NCAA Wrestling Championships, Rein will set out on his next big challenge – thru hiking the entire Appalachian Trail.

Beginning his trek in April, Rein will be walking roughly five million steps while hiking through 14 states, from Georgia to Maine. He estimates the 2,197-mile journey will take him five months to complete as he backpacks and camps trailside in a tent.

Rein is dedicating his hike to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame’s “Power Beyond” endowment campaign to help secure the Hall of Fame’s future.

Individuals interested in helping Rein raise money for the endowment fund can make a donation at nwhof.org/exhibits/powerbeyond-2024.

The endowment fund was created in 2007 with $400,000 in gifts from Hall of Fame board members. Investment earnings and occasional donations allowed the fund to grow to $1 million by the end of 2021. The “Power Beyond” campaign was launched in 2022 with the goal of adding $5 million to the permanent endowment fund.

“Ever since the Hall of Fame was founded nearly 50 years ago, the staff has had to hustle and raise money every year just to keep the doors open. Increasing the endowment will help fund a larger portion of the annual budget, allowing the staff to spend less time fundraising and more opportunity to fulfill the Hall of Fame’s mission,” said Rein. “It would bring me great satisfaction if my hike helps to not only increase awareness, but more importantly generates donations to the endowment fund.

“I will be providing donors with updates about my progress and experiences from the trail, and their support will help me to ‘power beyond’ any obstacles I encounter during the 2,197 miles as I head towards the finish line this fall when I summit Mount Katahdin in Maine.”

“Winning an Olympic silver medal is highly impressive, as is hiking the entire Appalachian Trail,” said John Harris, Co-Chairman of the Endowment Campaign and Secretary for the Hall of Fame’s Board of Governors. “Yet, perhaps I am most impressed with Andy’s love for the sport of wrestling, and his willingness to use his hike as a way to make sure the Hall of Fame can deliver on its triple aim of preserving wrestling’s history, recognizing our champions and heroes, and inspiring future generations in perpetuity. We look forward to the wrestling community and others supporting the “Power Beyond” campaign and encouraging Andy as he hikes.”

Donors may receive Rein’s hiking updates via email and can also follow his journey on Facebook at @AndyRein84 and @nwhof and on Instagram at @AndyRein84 and @nationalwrestlinghof.

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