Alabama Chapter Recognized at State Championships

Special recognition for our Alabama Chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame at the 2024 State Tournament.

The Hall of Fame was established in 2016. Everyone in the Hall of Fame has 20 or more years dedicated to the sport of wrestling.

Inductees in attendance:

Class of 2017 - Steve Gaydosh, Toney Pugh

Class of 2018 - Steve Burrough, John Calvarese, Randy Haught, Dickey Wright

Class of 2019 - Billy Hughes, Bob Laxton, Trent Miller, Willie Staggs

Class of 2020 - Jim Arrington, Paul Moore, Jeff Saxon

Class of 2021 - Hezzie Morgan, Ron Steube

Class of 2022 - Jim Caneer, Mike Swinson

Class of 2023 - Jeff Haase, Fred Kemp, Dr. David Lee

Class of 2024 Inductees - Bobby Brooks, Craig Duncan, Blake Dutton, Byron McGlathery, Dawson Pratt, Malcolm Prewitt, Jeff Segars, Mark Snider, Doug Styles. 2024 Inductee Don Miller was represented by his daughter Tina Miller and grandson Dylan Miller.

The class of 2024 Induction Ceremony will be held on May 5, 2024.

Our Mission: To honor the sport of wrestling by preserving its history, recognizing extraordinary individual achievements, and inspiring future generations