1975 University of Northern Iowa Wrestling Team

The 1974-1975 University of Northern Iowa Wrestling Team was dominant in 1975, compiling a 15-4 record and winning the state of Iowa’s first NCAA Division II national championship. Led by Chuck Patten, the Panthers advanced five wrestlers to the finals: Dave Cunningham at 118 pounds, Jim Miller at 134 pounds, Ken Snyder at 142 pounds, Dick Erickson at 177 pounds, and Randy Omvig at heavyweight. Miller and Snyder both won their second consecutive national title while Omvig won his first. Members of the 1974-75 UNI Wrestling Team were Stanley Allen, Michael Asche, Jon Bagenstos, Gary Bentrim, Jeffrey Billerbeck, James Blasingame, Richard Briggs, Russell Clark, Stephen Coon, Thomas Cornally, David Coulter, David Cunningham, Larry Dawson, Dallas Deike, Joseph Deutsch, Randy Dodd, Michael Eremieff, Richard Erickson, Lowell Ewalt, Kevin Finn, Thomas Garcia, Al Garrison, Ron Gomis, Alan Halferty, Paul Herder, Thomas Hinschberger, Cassim Igram, Dan Keller, Dick Kennedy, Kurt Mattison, Bruce McClure, Nolan Meggers, Jeffrey Melvin, Gary Meyers, James Miller, Randall Omvig, Ronald Ott, Chuck Parsons, Stephen Pate, Kenneth Peterson, Lars Sacquitne, Lonny Silber, Michael Skopec, Kenneth Snyder, Lawrence Soderberg, Dana Sutherland, Randall Terpstra, Hal Turner, Russell Vermie, Paul Viktora, Paul Vornbrock, Mark Wakeland, John Wistey, and Michael Woodall. 


Glen Brand Team Award

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