The Carr Family

The Carr Family, which included nine boys and seven girls, received the Bowlsby Family Legacy Award.

Every boy in the family (Willie, Fletcher, Joe, Jimmy, Jerry, Nate, Solomon, Michael and Mark) wrestled and Fletcher, Joe, Jimmy, Nate and Michael earned All-America honors.

A Junior World champion at 15 years old, Jimmy placed sixth at the 1971 Senior World Championships as a 16-year-old and competed in the 1972 Olympics as a 17-year-old high school junior, becoming the youngest American wrestler to compete in the Olympics.

Nate, a Distinguished Member inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2003 who is also a member of the Glen Brand Wrestling Hall of Fame of Iowa, was a three-time national champion for Iowa State and won a bronze medal at the 1988 Olympics.

Nate’s son, David, is wrestling at Iowa State and was the national winner of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame’s Dave Schultz High School Excellence Award in 2018 and captured the Junior World title in 2019.

The Bowlsby Family Legacy Award is named after the Bowlsby Family from Waterloo.

John and Bob wrestled for legendary coach Bob Siddens at Waterloo West High School while their parents, Bob and Pat, and sisters, Ann, Sarah and Jane, were instrumental in their careers.


Bowlsby Family Legacy Award

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