Stu Hart

Stu Hart was a legend known far and wide for his shooting and hooking style, and for building the great wrestling tradition in Calgary, Canada. Developing a keen interest in sports at a young age, Stu won numerous amateur titles with an eye on the Olympic Games. He played two years in the Canadian Football League but World War II dashed his hopes of wrestling in the Olympics. He was a student of wrestling at all levels and had a full understanding and appreciation of the amateur side of the sport, raising his kids to be amateur wrestlers before turning pro. The Hart dungeon produced some of the biggest stars in history and is a part of wrestling folklore. Stu and his son, Bret, are the second father-son team in the Hall of Fame, following in the path of Larry and Curt Hennig. Stu Hart died on October 16, 2003.


George Tragos and Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Inductee

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