Dr. Edwin Lampitt

Dr. Edwin C. Lampitt spent his childhood in central Illinois. He became an accomplished high school football player and wrestler. At the University of Missouri, he lettered in wrestling four years, setting numerous school records. He graduated with honors in civil engineering and then began an initial three-year tour in the U.S. Navy. Lampitt then enrolled in the University of Missouri Dental School. After obtaining his D.D.S. degree in 1977, he returned to the Navy to fulfill a four-year obligation.

While serving as a U.S. Naval dentist, Lampitt was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma, a brain tumor. After two 14-hour surgeries for removal of the brain tumor, Lampitt was left paralyzed and unable to speak. His remarkable story of a former collegiate athlete who saw his dreams dashed by a bungled surgical procedure is a story of determination and grit.

Refusing to accept his circumstances, Ed drew on his tremendous inner strength and indomitable spirit to begin the struggle for complete recovery.

Today, Dr. Lampitt maintains an active dental practice in Missouri, and is a motivational speaker, dealing with topics such as how to treat the handicapped, to dealing with life crises, to achieving success in athletics. He has appeared on television talk shows as well as live call-in radio shows. He has entertained audiences from coast to coast with his wonderful wit and positive perspective.


Medal of Courage

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