Jeremy Glick

Growing up, Jeremy Glick excelled in several sports, including wrestling. However, his greatest accomplishment may very well have taken place on the now-famous United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed outside of Pittsburgh.

Glick was one of the passengers on the ill-fated flight that thwarted the attempts of its hijackers to use it as a weapon against others. Armed with nothing more than a plastic knife, Glick and a handful of other brave passengers stormed the cockpit and defeated their foes.

The former high school captain, who was an all-state wrestler for Saddle River Day School in Northern, N.J., surprised no one with his actions "Immediately, I knew he was the one who took them down," Joe Auginiello, Glick's high school soccer coach, said. "I guarantee it. He was a tough, hard-nosed kid. He was my captain, the protector on my team, and if you gave him a bloody nose, and knocked his teeth out, he would still be coming after you. He wasn't the most talented kid on the team, but Lord, you never wanted to be in that kid's way."

Undoubtedly, the lessons learned while playing lacrosse, soccer, judo and wrestling paid off in Glick's greatest feat -- the conquest of Flight 93.


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