The Martinez Family

Lavonne and Manuel Martinez had eight children (two daughters and 6 sons) that attended Osseo High School in Osseo, Minn. Judy and Dolores (the eldest siblings) were wrestling cheerleaders while each of the six boys wrestled competitively. Jim (the eldest son) was a state champion in 1977 as a senior after placing third as a junior. Victor was a tow-time state champion (1977-78) and a three-time finalist. Steve placed second at state his junior year (1978) and fifth as a senior (1979). Ramon wrestled through his sophomore season. Jason won two freestyle and two Greco-Roman championships at the schoolboy level but was paralyzed in a gymnastics accident at the age of 16. Mark wrestled in middle school for Osseo Junior High. Lavonne was a head pairer at the schoolboy level in the state of Minnesota and ran several tournaments. She represented Minnesota as a pairer at several national tournaments as well. Manuel, who never missed a wrestling match, died in 2003. The award is given to a family, team, or organization that excelled in wrestling. (photo by Larry Slater)


Alan and Gloria Rice Greco - Legacy Award

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