George Scott

George Scott has enjoyed a long and highly successful career in professional wrestling, both as a competitor and then as an executive with the WWF (now WWE), one of the top organizations in the history of the sport. Born in Scotland, he was raised in Hamilton, Ontario, and participated in amateur wrestling as a youngster. His professional career lasted nearly 30 years and included such major titles as AWA world tag-team champion (with his brother Sandy) and Southern Heavyweight champion. He was a headliner all around the world, particularly in the eastern United States. Upon retirement from the ring, Scott became a very successful booker, helping create Ric "Nature Boy" Flair, Sam Steamboat and the Ultimate Warrior. He also became vice president of the WWF. Scott has been involved in many charitable events and was instrumental in the start of the Eblen Foundation in Asheville, NC, which helps underprivileged families.


Frank Gotch Award

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