1987 Iowa State Wrestling Team

The 1987 Iowa State wrestling team won the NCAA Division I championship with six All-Americans, five finalist and four NCAA champions. In only his second season, a 27-year old Jim Gibbons led the Cyclones to the title and prevented the University of Iowa from winning its 10th consecutive title. The starting lineup and their individual NCAA finishes were Perry Summitt (118), Billy Kelly (1st at 126), Jeff Gibbons (3rd at 134), Joe Ghezzi (142), Tim Krieger (1st at 150), Stewart Carter (1st at 158), Kevin Jackson (2nd at 167), Steve Metzger (177), Eric Voelker (1st at 190), and Andy Cope (HWT). Assistant coaches were Les Anderson, Ed Banach, Joe Gibbons and Kevin Darkus.


Glen Brand Team Award

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