Mark Scott

The heart of a champion cannot be measured when he grapples against a formidable foe or when he encounters hurdles in daily life. It cannot be seen, but its power can be identified in the life of a champion, a champion like Mark A. Scott.

Scott was an active and successful wrestler as a youth. Competing on the national level, he won a number of championships in state Freestyle and Greco-Roman competitions. His skills grew and his champion's heart grew also. He had secured a place on his high school varsity team when an unexpected hurdle became his next "match". He was struck by an errant driver and sustained severe injuries to both legs. With prosthetic legs, he no longer competed on the mat, but chose to active in the sport that had trained his heart as well as his body.

As a volunteer, Scott has served much and has been honored often. As an event director at many regional and state events, his reputation for efficiency is well known. In 1984, he received the Wyoming Governor's award for his contributions to wrestling and, in 1988, he was named the USA Wrestling Chairperson of the Year.

In 1989 he assumed the position of Director of State Services for USA Wrestling. With his champion's heart at the helm, the organization has experienced impressive growth at the state, regional and national levels.

Keeping his pulse close to the heartbeat of international competition, Scott recently served as Tournament Director for the 2003 World Championships of freestyle wrestling in Madison Square Garden; he was honored with the FILA gold star for achievements in the international arena.

To this list of accomplishments, add those of national caliber official, accomplished wrestling public address announcer, and the leader that always "comes early" and "stay late".


Medal of Courage

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