National Wrestling Hall of Fame


Lifetime Service To Wrestling

Given in recognition of years of dedication to the development of leadership and citizenship in the youth through the sport of wrestling.

Outstanding American

Given to former wrestlers who are highly successful and use the disciplines learned in wrestling in their profession.

Medal of Courage

Is presented to a wrestler or former wrestler who has overcome what appear to be insurmountable challenges.

Colorado Chapter - NWHOF Board of Directors

Mr. Phil Grasmick – President
Mr. Rich Fell – Vice President
Mrs. Katie Alexander – Secretary
Mr. Gerald Moore – Treasurer
Mr. Bill Bragg – Public Relations/Marketing Director
Mr. Lenny Bachicha
Mr. Tom Cortez
Mr. Jon Penfold
Mr. Mark Schmidt
Mr. Bob Smith
Mr. Scott Stocker
Mr. Arnold Torgerson-Past President
Mr. Steve Valdez
Mr. Brian Velarde