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Our vision for Waterloo

When renovation of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum is completed, visitors will be immersed in the culture, history and passion that is Iowa wrestling. They will see and hear the life story of Dan Gable, one of the true legends of the sport, as well as other legendary Iowa wrestlers. The history of the sport will come to life for them in exhibits that examine its roots. And they will experience the sport themselves with an expanded wrestling room that replicates the venue where so many careers are built.

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Here is a closer look at what the renovated Waterloo museum will offer:

The Dan Gable Story — The life and career of the museum’s namesake will be celebrated in special video presentations, historical artifacts and photographs of the wrestling legend in action.

History of Wrestling — This special section of the museum will display some of history’s most noted wrestling matches, going back to Biblical times. 

Halls of Fame — The legends truly come to life in the Halls of Fame that are a highlight of the Museum, including the Alan and Gloria Rice Greco-Roman Hall of Champions, the Glen Brand Wrestling Hall of Fame of Iowa and the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Wrestling Room — The expanded Wrestling Room at the Dan Gable Museum will not only let visitors step onto the mat, it will be large enough to accommodate many more special events.

Outreach — The Dan Gable Museum annually 750 youth for wrestling camps and special programs, and will feature an expanded Dan Gable Teaching Center.

When completed, the $500,000 renovation will attract thousands more visitors annually to the Dan Gable Museum. Your financial commitment will make that happen.

“It’s a big goal, but failing is not a consideration when you think about what’s at stake.  The museums represent everything we have dedicated our lives to, everything we stand for … physically, mentally and morally.” — Dan Gable, Honorary Co-Chair

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What makes the National Wrestling Hall of Fame’s Beyond the Walls campaign great is a shared desire to preserve our sport’s history, recognize excellence and inspire future generations…

By helping us to reinvent our current spaces and find new ways to reach Beyond Our Walls, you have the opportunity to provide financial resources to a set of extraordinary initiatives that will make a positive difference on the sport of wrestling’s future.

This campaign is about expanding our impact. – It’s about educating the public, now and in the future, about the benefits and values of this great sport.  – It’s about helping the sport solve its current and future problems by knowing its past.  – It’s about creating places for the wrestling community to gather, remember, and get inspired.  – It’s about creating digital platforms that can transmit our messages and stories to more people in more places at all times.

With this campaign, we can attract more wrestlers and more fans. Help us build on our momentum so we can reach new heights for our sport. We know what we can achieve when together we take our sport Beyond Our Walls.

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