National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Our vision for Stillwater

We’re going to transform the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum in Stillwater into the ultimate destination for future generations of wrestling fans from around the nation and the world. We will showcase wrestling’s history and its legends while emphasizing the core values of character that are the foundation of champions — responsibility, commitment, sacrifice, discipline, honor and perseverance.


Take a closer look at the museum that will honor the past and build the future of the sport. Here are special areas of emphasis:

Entry — The moment visitors step across the threshold into the Wrestling Hall of Fame, they will be ushered into an exhibit that carries them in a natural flow through the museum.

State Chapters — This hallowed pace is where the State Chapter inductees are immortalized.

Origins — We’re going back to the beginning of the sport in a display that will allow visitors to follow its history and see it emerge into the modern day sport it is today.

Permanent Exhibits — We will demonstrate in our Permanent Exhibits the pride we have in the military heroes of our sport, as well as its diversity.

The Collegiate Wrestling Experience — This is where fans of college wrestling can celebrate the dynasties of the sport, past champions and the great matches in sound and video.

Youth — We’re going to show young people how they can become a champion in an engaging display that uses touch screens to capture their attention and test their knowledge.

Hall of Honors — The John Vaughan Hall of Honors is where the legends live. It’s the most sacred area in which we enshrine Hall of Fame recipients. 

International and Olympic Wrestling — The true global scope of wrestling emerges in the galleries dedicated to international wrestling and the FILA Hall of Fame and to USA Wrestling.

Library, conference room and temporary exhibits — The remodeled National Hall of Fame will provides space for meetings and social gatherings, as well as temporary exhibit space.

This transformation will require an additional capital investment of $500,000 to reach the $3 million goal for this project. Your commitment will help ensure that it is completed.

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What makes the National Wrestling Hall of Fame’s Beyond the Walls campaign great is a shared desire to preserve our sport’s history, recognize excellence and inspire future generations…

By helping us to reinvent our current spaces and find new ways to reach Beyond Our Walls, you have the opportunity to provide financial resources to a set of extraordinary initiatives that will make a positive difference on the sport of wrestling’s future.

This campaign is about expanding our impact. – It’s about educating the public, now and in the future, about the benefits and values of this great sport.  – It’s about helping the sport solve its current and future problems by knowing its past.  – It’s about creating places for the wrestling community to gather, remember, and get inspired.  – It’s about creating digital platforms that can transmit our messages and stories to more people in more places at all times.

With this campaign, we can attract more wrestlers and more fans. Help us build on our momentum so we can reach new heights for our sport. We know what we can achieve when together we take our sport Beyond Our Walls.

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