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Our vision for a Mobile Exhibit

With the launch of our new Mobile Exhibit Experience, we truly are taking wrestling beyond the walls of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. With interactive kiosks, wrestling mats, live demonstrations and storytelling all presented from a special-built travel exhibits, we will increase visibility, reach future wrestlers and connect with wresting alumni at events across the United States.

Here are details of the Mobile Exhibit Experience:

Mobile Platform: The Mobile Exhibits will be highly recognizable and appealing to visitors when they are rolled out at events such as the NCAA Championships, state high school championships, USA Wrestling events and other venues.

Interactive displays: Wrestling fans can test their knowledge on touch screen trivia challenges, and they can meet legends of the sport and current athletes at special appearances.

Alumni gatherings: The Mobile Exhibits will be a natural gathering place for wrestling alumni from high school and university teams, state chapters and wrestling clubs.

Clinics: The Mobile Exhibit space will allow future wrestlers to experience the excitement of the sport with a one-of-a-kind educational and interactive program.

The bottom line is we’re not waiting for our wrestling alumni and tomorrow’s wrestlers to come to us. We’re taking the Hall of Fame experience to them in an exciting way.  We need your financial support to launch the $1 million Mobile Exhibit program and take the Hall of Fame experience beyond the walls.

“The idea of being able to reach beyond the wrestling community is powerful. To know there are kids out there whose lives will be changed forever by our efforts has real significance.” – Hall of Fame Wrestler and co-chair John Smith


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What makes the National Wrestling Hall of Fame’s Beyond the Walls campaign great is a shared desire to preserve our sport’s history, recognize excellence and inspire future generations…

By helping us to reinvent our current spaces and find new ways to reach Beyond Our Walls, you have the opportunity to provide financial resources to a set of extraordinary initiatives that will make a positive difference on the sport of wrestling’s future.

This campaign is about expanding our impact. – It’s about educating the public, now and in the future, about the benefits and values of this great sport.  – It’s about helping the sport solve its current and future problems by knowing its past.  – It’s about creating places for the wrestling community to gather, remember, and get inspired.  – It’s about creating digital platforms that can transmit our messages and stories to more people in more places at all times.

With this campaign, we can attract more wrestlers and more fans. Help us build on our momentum so we can reach new heights for our sport. We know what we can achieve when together we take our sport Beyond Our Walls.

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