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Wrestling Week Across America Is March 12-18

USA Wrestling has announced that the second-annual “Wrestling Week Across America” will begin on Monday, March 12, and continue through Sunday, March 18.

In an effort to raise the profile of wrestling nationwide, USA Wrestling is asking all current and former wrestlers, coaches, officials and parents to engage in the week-long promotion. Visit for more information.

Each day of the week will have a specific call-to-action for the wrestling community, as noted below. During this celebration people are asked to use #WrestlingWeek in all social media posts.

The schedule of days is:

Monday, March 12 – Wrestling Highlight Day – Post your favorite wrestling highlight video or clip. It can be your highlight, a favorite clip, or an all-time favorite highlight video – just be sure to post a wrestling highlight on the kickoff day of the week.

Tuesday, March 13 – Diversity in Wrestling – Celebrate the rich history of diversity in wrestling.

Wednesday, March 14 – Wrestling Hero Day – Share a shout out, vignette, or short story about your wrestling hero. Your hero is your hero, so tell the world why your hero is just that.

Thursday, March 15 – Salute to Service Day – Wrestling has a long tradition and relation with our military, so be sure to thank a vet for his or her service. Or thank more than one!

Friday, March 16 – Wrestling Shirt Day – Wear your favorite wrestling shirt to school, to work, or at the NCAA Wrestling Division I Championships in Cleveland. Encourage all of your teammates or former teammates to wear their favorite wrestling shirt, too!

Saturday, March 17 – NCAA Championships Viewing Day – Make plans to watch the finals of the NCAA Championships on ESPN. Better yet, plan a viewing party with your team, your friends and your community!

Sunday, March 18 – Olympic Wrestling Day – It’s time to get involved in the Olympic Styles of wrestling and improve overall as a wrestler or coach. Begin your own Olympic journey!

As a reminder, be sure to use #WrestlingWeek in all social media posts related to Wrestling Week Across America.