National Wrestling Hall of Fame

The Courier says Gable Museum is a Waterloo success

Editorial from July 23 edition of Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier
The National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Dan Gable Museum is the midst of a fundraising campaign that will expand its training facilities, increase capacity and bring new technology to the downtown facility.

Since it was announced in 2006 the museum would be coming to Waterloo, it has become an important tourism stop and point of interest, as well as a center where young wrestlers can practice and receive instruction. It’s settled in a refurbished section of downtown Waterloo, across from another relatively new community amenity — the Cedar Valley Sportsplex.

The facility has been a community success. Now, supporters are behind a $1.5 million renovation plan.

“As we continue to evolve our mission and our youth program, we found the wrestling room is just too small,” said Kyle Klingman, the museum’s director. “Really, we have a huge need for youth development. That’s the future of what we want to do, so we want this to be more than a museum. We want this to be a unique experience.”

At this stage, the $1.5 million renovation is scheduled for December. Nearly half of that total has been raised, but nearly $800,000 more must be collected or pledged before renovations can begin.

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