National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame, USA Wrestling Team Up To Produce Audio Podcast Series

The National Wrestling Hall of Fame has joined forces with USA Wrestling on an exciting new initiative, Etched in Stone – Stories of Wrestling Legends.

Scheduled to launch in November, the series of audio podcasts and digital magazines will share the untold stories of Hall of Fame Distinguished Members.

Listeners will hear Distinguished Members recount their trials and tribulations on the way to being honored as one of wrestling’s best. Competitors, coaches, teammates and others who were part of the journey will also provide insight on the legend and their accomplishments.

Podcasts and magazines will be created and produced by wrestlers and wrestling insiders, who will utilize their knowledge and unique perspective to extract the stories that fans want to hear.

EIS will be distributed by the Hall of Fame, USA Wrestling and major podcast distribution channels, helping increase exposure for wrestling.

The series is the brainchild of 1976 NCAA wrestling champion and Hall of Fame board member Pat Christenson.

“As I made my first walk through the Hall, I was immersed and enthralled at the accomplishments of those inducted. But I wanted to know more. And I knew wrestling fans did too,” said Christenson. “There are very few stories about the legends of wrestling. Television production and book publishing are time-consuming and expensive. Consequently, few stories are told.

“Because the series is produced with audio recording and digital printing, we can produce stories every bit as compelling and professional as ESPN’s ‘30 for 30’ or ‘A Football Life,’” he added. “Because wrestlers or writers from wrestling markets are writing, producing and editing the episodes, the stories will have a unique story line.”

Christenson produced an EIS podcast on Distinguished Member Mark Churella with Jason Bryant and is completing production on an EIS podcast on Distinguished Member Lee Kemp.

Ryan Warner, a former wrestler who produces a very successful podcast, “Wrestling Changed My Life,” will produce four of the six stories in the first series. Warner has interviewed hundreds of wrestlers and produced a biographical podcast on wrestling icon Dan Gable. He will be producing EIS podcasts on Hall of Fame inductees John Smith and Pat Smith and the Smith family.