National Wrestling Hall of Fame

FILA Announces Class of 2014 Hall of Famers: Sixteen Individuals to be Inducted in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, on September 6

CORSIER-SUR-VEVEY, Switzerland (Aug. 22 2014) – FILA, the international governing body for the sport of wrestling, has named its 2014 Hall of Fame Class.

The class will include sixteen of the sport’s most decorated athletes, accomplished referees, and influential leaders and be presented on September 6 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, preceding the 2014 World Wrestling Championships.

The Hall of Fame class, which this year allows for posthumous induction, will include one leader, two legends, two officials, two coaches, two female wrestlers, four men’s freestyle wrestlers and three Greco-Roman wrestlers.

“I want to thank our Hall of Fame Commission and FILA Vice President Stan Dziedzic, who heads the commission, for their work in selecting the honorees for the Hall of Fame Class of 2014,” said FILA President Nenad Lalovic. “This is the 12th anniversary of the FILA Hall of Fame and this class pays special tribute to those individuals in our sport whose legacies of excellence are worthy of preservation.”

This year’s class represents 10 countries with wrestlers who have won a total of 11 individual Olympic gold medals and 25 individual world championship titles.

“This year’s ceremony is special,” said Dziedzic, “FILA’s past leadership had been reluctant to induct worthy honorees posthumously, but with that constraint lifted our commission is proud to honor some of our sport’s most influential figures, Aslan Chadarzev, Wilfried Dietrich, Besik Kudukhov, Mikael Ljungberg, and Dr. Mateo Pellicone.”

FILA will hold the 2014 Hall of Fame inductions at the Uzbekistan Hotel, 45 Musakhanov St., Tashkent. For more information about the induction ceremonies and to view all FILA Hall of Fame inductees visit the FILA website at


The Class of 2014 inductees:


Baskhuu ADDUCH (Mongolia): Six-time Olympic Games, 30x World Championship Referee, FILA’s Refereeing Department Member in 2006-2008. 1988 FILA Golden Whistle Award.

Ender BUYUKERSEN (Turkey): 1975 National Referee, 1987 Exceptional (Olympic) Referee, 1995-2012 FILA Instructor, Six-Time Olympic Referee (1992, ’96, 2000, ’04, ’08, ’12), 26x Senior World Championship Referee, 1996 FILA Golden Whistle Award.



Vadim PSAREV (Kazakhstan): Coach of wrestlers: Bakulin, Nazarenko, Ushkempirov, Razaneev, Bykov, Shamil who won a total of six Olympic Gold and two Olympic Silver medals and 13 World Championships.

Dmitry MINDIASHVEILI (Russia): President of Dmitry Mindiashvili Academy, 1970-2000 Freestyle National Team Coach for Russia/USSR.



Dr. Mateo PELLICONE (Italy) posthumous: FILA Bureau Member


Female Wrestling

Sara ERIKSSON (Sweden): World Gold (1995, ’96), World Silver (2002), World Bronze (1994, ’97, ‘98)

Lise GOLLIOT-LEGRAND (France): Olympic Bronze (2004), World Gold (1995, ‘97), World Silver (2002), World Bronze (1996). Member of FILA team that presented to International Olympic Committee in September 2013, that resulted in Wrestling being admitted back into the Olympic Games.



Zhaksylyk USHKEMPIROV (Kazakhstan): Olympic Gold (1980), World Gold (1982)

Mikael LJUNGBERG (Sweden) posthumous: Olympic Gold (2000), Olympic Bronze (1996), World Gold (1993, ’95), World Bronze (1999)

SIM Kwon-Ho (Korea): Olympic Gold (1996, 2000), World Gold (1995, ‘98) World Bronze (1993)


Men’s Freestyle

Aslan CHADARZEV (Uzbekistan/USSR) posthumous: World Gold (1983, ’86, ‘87) World Bronze (1989)

Pavel PINEGIN (Russia): Olympic Gold (1976), World Gold (1975, ’77, ‘78)

Rasoul KHADEM AZGHADI (Iran): Olympic Gold (1996), Olympic Bronze (1992), World Gold (1994, ‘95), World Silver (1998)

Besik KUDUKHOV (Russia) posthumous: Olympic Silver (2012), Olympic Bronze (2008) World Gold (2007, ’09, ‘10, ’11)



Wilfried DIETRICH (Germany) posthumous: Freestyle Olympic Gold (1960), Olympic Greco-Roman Silver (1956, ’60), Olympic Freestyle Bronze (1968), Olympic Greco-Roman Bronze (1964), Freestyle World Gold (1961), Freestyle World Silver (1957), Greco-Roman World Silver (1969), Freestyle World Bronze (1962), Greco-Roman World Bronze (1962)

Artur TAIMAZOV (Uzbekistan): Olympic Gold (2004, ’08, ’12), Olympic Silver (2000), World Gold (2003, ‘06), World Silver (2001, ‘10), World Bronze (2000)


FILA, the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles, is the global governing body of the sport of wrestling. It works to promote the sport and facilitate the activities of its 177 national federations from around the world. It is based in Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland.

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