National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Inductee: Ricky Steamboat

A native of Hawaii, Ricky Blood was an amateur wrestler in Florida before entering the pro ranks in 1976, for Verne Gagne’s AWA. Changing his name to Ricky Steamboat, he also starred in the NWA and entered the WWF in 1985, where he became known as “The Dragon.” Ricky electrified the crowds with his skills and antics, often striking karate poses in the ring and using his trademark diving cross body maneuver.

His title bouts with Ric Flair are among the best matches of the past two decades. Ricky captured the NWA world championship in 1989 and was Intercontinental champion for the WWE. After time with the WCW, he retired from the ring in 1994. Today, he lives in Denver, NC and works as a road agent for the WWF. His son, Ricky Steamboat, Jr., trains with hall of famer Harley Race and is also wrestling as a professional.