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  • Big Daddy Frog WrestlerBig_Daddy_Frog_W_4abd2b99abea6

    Price per Unit (piece): $15.00 Big Daddy, Frog Wrestler written by Maribeth Boelts illustrated by Benrei Huang Curtis, a young frog and a wrestling fan, is thrilled when his father Big Daddy returns to his wrestling career.

  • Wrestling the ABC’sWrestling_the_AB_4abd2ae547eaf

    Price per Unit (piece): Hard cover $18; Soft cover $12.00 (out of stock) N is for nutrition, It’s important what you eat. Never neglect healthy eating, Even after you compete. Have you ever wrestled with the idea of wrestling? Wrestling … Continue reading

  • Wrestling the ABC’s Activity BookWrestling the ABCs Activity Book Vol 1

    Created by Tom and Veronica Davids with cover and other illustrations by Robert Lence this book was designed as a supplement to Wrestling the ABC’s children’s picture book. This activity book contains educational puzzles and games with amateur wrestling as … Continue reading