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SIDDENS! Win with Humility, Lose with Dignity_But Don’t Lose!

Price per Unit (piece): $20.00
By Don Huff & Mike Chapman
Foreward by Dan Gable
Introduction by Dale Anderson
“Bob Siddens was a master psychologist and motivator. He made each of us feel that we were the most important person to him. He taught and drilled us in the basic fundamentals and coached each wrestler according to his own individual style.”
-Tom Huff, All-American at Iowa, U.S. Air Force (retired)

“I sincerely believe that of all the people I’ve been associated with, Bob Siddens has been the biggest factor in building my desire and attitude in wrestling. Just one big ‘thank you’ to him for helping me set my lifestyle as well.”
-Dan Gable, 1972 Olympic Champion, Coach of 15 NCAA Champion teams

“When I became a coach, I talked to him and asked questions every chance I got. I learned a lot from him.”
-Jim Miller, NCAA Champion wrestler and coach

“West Waterloo High is so fortunate that Bob Siddens came … and stayed.”
-Jim Harmon, NCAA Champion, U.S. Navy captain (retired)

“in all the jobs I’ve had in my professional career, I often times made my decision based on how I thought Coach Siddens would have handled the coach or situation I was dealing with.”
-Bob Bowlysby, Athletic Director, Stanford University