National Wrestling Hall of Fame


National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Class of 2017




Lifetime Service To Wrestling

Given in recognition of years of dedication to the development of leadership and citizenship in the youth through the sport of wrestling.

Outstanding American

Given to former wrestlers who are highly successful and use the disciplines learned in wrestling in their profession.

Medal of Courage

Is presented to a wrestler or former wrestler who has overcome what appear to be insurmountable challenges.

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National Wrestling Hall of Fame - PA Chapter Board of Directors

NWHOF PA Board 2014 CR


                          Executive Board
                  President: Ann Peery Ritter
                  Vice-President: Tom Elling
                  Treasurer: Lloyd Rhoades
                   Secretary: Hob Kroesen

                            Joe Geesey

                            Tom Harbert

                            Dennis Kellon

                             Keith Nellis

                          Alray Johnson

                           Dick Rhodes

                          Barry Smith

                  Joe Stabilito (Webmaster)

                       John C Thomas

                       John D Thomas

                       David Vannoy

                       Ralph Wetzel